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aftermarket handle for BPS extreme reel

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Hey guys. I was wondering if there is an aftermarket reel handle that would fit my extreme?  I am not a huge fan of The gold and would love something darker. I think I saw someone who even had an aluminum drag star on theirs, but couldn't find it.

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i think you were probably referring to the extreme with the aluminum drag star i was selling:


anyway, the little crankshaft hole in the handles BPS reels share the same size and configuration as daiwas, quantums, abu garcias, and pfluegers and are interchangeable for the most part (shimano and okuma each go their own way with a different size hole so their handles are unique unto themselves).

i'd recommend calling the BPS reel repair/parts center and just ordering a handle from another reel you like. for example, the ribbed swept handle from the johnny morris gold might work well for you:


it is $12.50 plus $5 shipping but make sure you also get the handle nut, the handle nut retainer, and the handle nut retainer screw (about another $4-5). the drag star was $7-9 but i cannot remember exactly. i tried ordering the EVA foam handles but they don't have those :'(

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Mikes reel repair makes a nice carbon handle that sells for around $40 that will fit it also.

But as was said, any handle from a BPS or Abu reel interchanges.

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