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H20 Monofilament line review: First impressions

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Hello everyone! We've seen many topics about Academy's house brand of mono (h20 express) lately, so I though I would bite the bullet and try some out. It costs $4.99 per 330 yards (0.02 per yard before tax). I feel that this is a good quality line for a great price. It comes packaged in an attractive blue and silver foiled package. I will be testing six lb. test in clear.


The first thing I noticed was the limpness, and low memory. I would say it's comparable to Suffix Siege. Another thing I noticed, the line has very low stretch. When wet or dry the line would never stretch more that an inch before breaking. Both wet and dry tests showed the line breaks around 7 and 1/2lbs. The next thing I did was spool it onto my beater ul spinning setup. (An old zebco telescopic rod [.50 at garagesale] and a quantum bill dance 2000 sized reel [10 bucks at walls].


Almost zero memory in casting


I was throwing a 5/16oz lead sinker. The line flowed very smoothly off the reel. Even when casting into a slight head wind (4-5mph) I did not experience any windknots. Another thing I noticed-- while dragging that sinker across our gravel driveway, I could feel very clearly when the sinker fell off one piece and onto another. I will definiting be using this mono on my crankbait and Ul rigs from now on. When the weather warms up some, I'll finish this review after some time on the water.

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