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St. Croix + Quantum Catalyst Pt?

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Hi, I'm the FNG. I'm looking to make the switch from spinning gear, to bait casting. I'm heavy in the research and think I've found a pairing that will fit my needs, but as we all do, I wanted to ask the vast consciousness that is the collective internet mind.

I'm moving from a Ugly Stik 6'6" Medium Fast spinning with a Quantum Snapshot LS 30 w/ power-pro braid.

What I think I want is the following setup, 2 rods 2 reels.

Setup #1.

St. Croix 7' Bass Mojo "Plastics" Medium Fast

Quantum Catalyst PT 6.3:1

Fluro/Mono (not sure)

for use with cranks, senkos, ribbon tail worms, banjo minnows.

(not thinking heavy cover/weeds)

Setup #2.

St. Croix 7' Bass Mojo "Spinnerbait" MediumHeavy Fast

Quantum Catalst PT 7.0:1

Braid (Power Pro/Liquid Casting Braid)

Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, Cranks, Jigs, Frogs.

(moderate to heavy cover/weeds)

The alternate would be to go with generic Ugly Stik Lite's at 40$/ea. I like the Catalyst PT it seems to be a fine piece of gear, and seems to be on sale everywhere @ ~ 100$/ea.

I thank you in advance, if this idea has been discussed at length elsewhere I apologize in advance.

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Quantums are great reels.  If this is your first time baitcasting, you may not want to use fluorocarbon yet, it is more difficult to manage.  Learn BC with mono or copoly.  Why does the alternative have to be an ugly stick?  There are good graphite rods other than the St. Croix.  You should probably go with a graphite rod judging by your intended use.  It will be most sensitive and responsive, and also lighter.

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The choice of the Ugly Stik, is just that I've used them and they are inexpensive. Tackletour had a good write up that detailed a number of 100$ rods, I like the feel of a St Croix, they have them at my local gander mtn. The Carbonlite from BPS would also be a consideration,

Would it be wise to step up to the Quantum REAX PT? Is the difference in the ACSII vs ACSIII notable?

I'm was trying to keep this below 300$, 400$ is acceptable, dual REAX'es will push it over 500$ But if it is worth it, I'd rather spend the money the first time.

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