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REVIEW.....B.P.S. CarbonLite casting rod (IF YOU'RE INTERESTED!!)

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Hey all...

I had asked a while back for opinions on which rod to buy between the W@M Skeet Reese crankbait rod and the B.P.S. CarbonLite. I chose the latter in a 7' MED. I know there is alot of talk surrounding these rods, so I figured I'd share my experience today. Mind you, I am no rod expert.

I finally was able to take a few "first Spring " casts today. The ice is gone (for good I hope!!!). I had a Curado reel on this rod and Pline Flouroclear 12 lb. I started out with a 5/8 oz. lipless crank. This set up cast a MILE!!! I switched to a a much lighter lipless crankbait adjusted the spool tension and much to my surprise, an effortless cast, almost as long as with the heavier bait. This rod whips it out there!!! Very balanced and super light, dare I compare it to the Cumara??? No fish, but the rod did handle a nice size branch with no problems!! (lol).

I have checked out many of the less expensive rods over this past winter, and I must say, for the money, I believe this rod can't be beat!! I have a Vendetta on the way..can't wait to see how that compares!!!

I paid $79.99 at the local BPS...don't kow if they are still on sale, but I would encouage those looking for a discount rod without a discount feel (cough!! cough!!! Mojo!!) to check this rod out!!


Alan (bassnajr) ;)

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I'll throw my two cents in, I've got the 6'9" MH XF and I love the way it feels.  For the money it's a great rod.

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