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Trilene Knot for dropshotting

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I can't seem to tie a Palomar knot. Would a trilene knot work, as long as I pass the tag end back thru the top of the hook eye?



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I don't want to sound harsh, but the palomar has got to be one of the easiest and fastest knot to tie, just about hands down.

The trielene would work I suppose, but as one who uses both, the trilene will take longer to tie.

May I ask what you are doing that is making the palomar difficult? The only thing that I can think of would be trying to insert the line into the hook's eye as a loop. I have seen and read posts where people actually do this and that INDEED would make tying a palomar knot difficult, especially with the small eyes that drop shot hooks have.

If this is the cause of your difficulty, do this:

Insert the line through the eye of the hook and pull through the amount of line you need.

Then, insert the line back through eye of the hook, opposite the direction you made the insertion.

You will now have a loop on one side of the eye and the main and tag end on the other side.

Proceed with tying the rest of the knot, any you're done!

Check out net knots or animated knots for more details.

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