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Abumatic 475 - a question for you reel mechanics?

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Just re-spooled my Abumatic 475 spincast reel with 30# braid.  Line does not flow freely through the centre hole. Seems to stick every few inches?

Checking the 'pushing' action I notice the metal rotor does not move forward when the casting button is pushed.  Only the black plastic centre piece in front of the rotor actually moves forward.  The fixed rotor seems to partially block the line coming off the spool.

Checking my Abumatic 275 shows the rotor and black plastic centre piece moving forward as a locked unit!   And the 275 casts O.K. with braided line?

Any of you reel service guys know if the 475 rotor should move forward like the 275?

Is the real problem because I'm using braid on a spincast?  If so, why does the smaller 275 seem to cast so much smoother, with no snags every few inches?

I took the reel to my local service guy and he tells me its O.K.  and that the problem is trying to use braid on a spincast?

Any of you reel guys out there familiar with these two reels

and can give me some advice here? 

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Well my recommendation would be to listen to your local guy. He has seen the reel/s in question and knows what is going on with them.

Good Luck & Tight Lines!!!

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The real question I was trying to ask here is:

Is the metal rotor supposed to move forward when the button is pushed, or not?

In the Abumatic 275 it moves forward, exposing the spool.  With this 475 the rotor does  not move forward when the button is pushed.  Is this supposed to be way this reel operates, or  not?

Anybody have the answer???

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