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Chris W.

spidercast reel & braid

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So i have a spidercast spinning reel. I got some of the berkley fireline fused braid and i read on the box "ideal for spinning reels". So, i took off some of my mono (same diameter, 8lb) and tied the braid to it. I got a few knots today that i had to cut out, and it doesnt slide across the bail so sometimes i dont notice when i flip the bail and reel in, and it spools up on the spool itself and not where the line sits. It's #20, which has an 8lb diameter. I went through probably 10-13 feet today due to the knots and stuff. I came home, tore off the spiderwire super mono #8 and got the spool back out and put a decent bottom layer of the mono on, then tied the braid on with an alberto. I'm going to try this again! I had exactly enough braid, and now have barely any mono (i was running out before, which is why i did it this way). Should i see a difference? I didnt realize how little braid i had on before, i could cast out and reel in 15 or so feet of mono before i got to the braid. It casts all right i guess, i love the sensitivity. Is the reel able to handle braid? I figured since it had the spiderwire spider on it that it was made to be used with spiderwire, which is also a braid.

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