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Bass Leader and Line question

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Hey everyone new member here with a quick question. I am using a med/light rod with a spin casting reel. I am using mono 8lb test on it. Right now me and my buddy are casting piers and run into some weeds here and there. A few days back we were just killing the bass but ever once and a while we would land a northern. So the lures we were using were getting us hits by both bass and pike. The only problem with this is that the pike would take my lure sometimes. Lost 3 mepps that day before adding a steel leader onto my set up. Witch reduced the number of bass hits a lot. I want to try out a floro carbon leader to reduce the BASS from seeing the leader what do u guys think of that? any advice on using different line or test to reduce loosing lures to occasional pike. im open to braided line or anything else i just not sure what to do here.

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I'm going to pass on advice given to me by a pro fisherman. Use a top quality FC line for your leader. He spools with Sunline Shooter and says pickerel can't cut 12# with their teeth. A quality FC line is very abrasive resistant.

EDIT:  Use an Alberto to splice the lines.

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Use the fluoro as a leader. Maybe 2' or so. Also, like he said, use an alberto. It's a modified albright. Very easy to tie. Before i knew it was called an alberto i was tying them. Then just use a polamar on your baits.

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