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Broken Daiwa Zillion 7'6 Heavy Flipping Rod!!!

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I was inside my apartment, putting studying off for finals. I grabbed my flipping stick and began practicing pitching. I got about two pitches in when I reeled in, grabbed the jig, and pulled back a little on the line. Very light pressure. Next thing I know, CRACK! tip snaps off the rod about three inches from the top.

I have really loved this rod but the build quality was not the best. About a week or so after getting it, one of the silver metallic rings that adorns the handle came off.

Before this incident, I liked the rod so much that I went ahead and got a 6'6 Medium for weightless/light weighted plastics and top waters. This was my Christmas present. I also planned on replacing the rest of my rods with Daiwa Zillions and Fuegos.

I hope this rod was an exception to the rule and their build quality has improved.

Any experiences with Daiwas Warranty people? Can anyone attest to the quality of Daiwa products? This is my first experience with them so any input is appreciated!


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I have two of the Zillion Rods, a 7'M and a 7'MH.  I have never been concerned about the durability or quality of either rod.  I have bent the butt of my 7'M by closing it in the car door but as far as actual blank quality, I have reeled in several large branches, logs, and a wooden palette with it without any trouble. 

I would hope that the warranty from daiwa is decent, never had to use it.

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I have never been a Diawa guy, however I know they are a quality company. Id suggest contacting your local dealer for warranty instructions.  Im sure its not a big deal, stuff happens with every brand at some time or another. Sometimes they are slightly damaged in shipping, or we get em caught in a rod locker mishap. Once in a while there is even some sort of defects in a run of rods(happened to me years ago with another brand). I certainly would expect a prompt warranty.

  I only buy rods that I can get a 1 day turn around on, or over the counter warranty with no fee. Yes there are many like this, not sure where Diawa is in that.

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