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Catt - I'm fishing Toledo Bend Jan 19. HELP!

Black Bass

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Hey Catt, I'm planning on fishing Toledo Bend with my group on January 19, 2008. We will be fishing out of Cypress Bend Park. I know nothing about Toledo Bend. Are there any cabins, motels, etc. in the area that you recommend? What would you use to fish that area in January? Any specific areas I should try to get to?

I searched your posts on Toledo Bend and found the following.

I try to keep it simple; spinner baits, crank baits and Rattle-L-Traps for the most part. Spinner baits I use a white ½ ounce double willow leaf. Crank baits I look for baits that have a tight wobble to them and the Rattle-L-Traps I use both a ½ and 3/4 ounce each. For me the key is that I want to be able to just tick the tops of the grass and that is what determines the size of baits I use. As for the reels I use a 6:1 ratio for most everything, but if I am going to slow role a spinner bait I may go to a slower 5.0:1 ratio. It makes it easier for me to keep it down on the bottom. As for the line and rods I consider the situation, water clarity, depth and of course cover plays a big factor in what is needed for the situation.

Favorite bait: Texas Rigged Gene Larew 7 ½ Salty Ring Worm Cinnamon Pepper Neon/June Bug Laminated (Camouflage).  

Favorite technique: Deep water structure at night

Personal best: 12 pounds 8 ounces on a ½ oz Rat-L-Trap Red Chrome

Biggest 5 bass stringer: 33.34 lbs

Most memorable: 1974, Joined two bass clubs whose members included John Torian, John Hall, John Dean, Villis P "Bo" Dowden SR, Harold Allen, Larry Nixon, Tommy Martin, & Zell Roland all guides at Toledo Bend's Pendleton Harbor Marina.

May I suggest for boat launch, tent camping, RV camping, rooms/cabins

http://www.pleasurebend.com Ph (409) 579-2210

Six Mile Marina: http://www.toledo-bend.net/sixmile Ph (409) 579-9898

Hillside Inn & RV Park: http://www.toledo-bend.com/hillside Ph (409) 579-3422

Twin Oaks RV Park: email address only twinoaks@sabinenet.com Ph (409) 579-3078

Sportsman: great caf é, vaughnkk@jas.net Ph (409) 579-3292

My personal favorite is Vaughn's K & K (Sportsman) because they are located just across the Six Mile Bridge which is where the public boat launch is, their caf é has excellent cooking at reasonable prices, & their rooms though small are only $28.50 a night. Six Mile Marina has just reopened under new management and I've heard nothing but good things about it.  

If I could email you I could put you on 2 big bass holes that would probably win just about any tournament. Both spots have produced numerous DD bass and a Bass-N-Bucks stringer of 33.34 lbs.

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