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Lake Winnipesaukee (moultonborough)

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anyone fish this side of the lake? im looking for the hots spots. if anyone knows of any please let me know. i will be staying up there for a weekend in september and will have access to a 16' aluminum boat(sea nymph) with a 28hp outboard. looking mostly for lmb and smb. thanks in advance.

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cool dude! i got a house in Moultonborough. Long island to be exact. you could try under the long island bridge. or if you can get there, go to sandy island. its an island directly south of long island. fish near the island where you can see the camp. Tons of bass. Use Topwater stuff like jitterbugs and poppers. the last time i went i picked up 3 3 pounders on jitterbugs in 2 hours. A friend of mine cought 2 white perch on a jerk bait.  also, under the west point long island bridge there are good size bass. i picked up 1 5lb bass on a craw fish last year and 4 years ago an 8lber on a craw.where are u staying in moultonborough?

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thanks guys. we'll be launching from the suisse vale launch and staying at a cottage about a half mile away. i did a google map search and couldnt find any of the places you guys mentioned. heres a map of where we'll be launching from;


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That's a good area for your rig. Greens basin is as far as you can go to your right. It is all good between your ramp and there. Look for rocks and cabbage. Sammy (perch) Bomber long A gold foil, spinnerbait golden shiner, jig black blue, senko green pumpkin, tube greens and browns. You'll have opportunities for both Largemouth and smallies in that arm. Perch and crayfish are the primary forage.

Have fun

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Sugest that you pick up a map of the lake at Northern Bass Supply. sounds like a great get away. Good luck.

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Ok first step, buy a Good map when you get there.

Smallmouth spots..

Weedbed next to Gun island all the way out to buoy 13

Weedbed surrounding Twin islands...some years it will go all the way to Gun island

Hemlock Cove and Ambrose Cove..sit outside of cove and fish weedbed

In front of and on the right side of Spectacle Island

Front side of Whortleberry island deep weedbed

Entrance of the shoal named the Hurricane

Entrance of the shola named the Graveyard

Look for broadleaf cabbage beds at both

Chase point

If you are sitting at Chase point motor slowly towards Hole in the Wall and abot 1/3 of the way you will a hump with weeds. Shallowest spot is 8 feet good all the way out to 20

Between buoy 77 and 9 at Sandy island

back of Sandy island

Outside weedline at Melvin Bay

Pretty much stop at any Marker buoy and fish...they hold fish at one time or another..

Best baits....Carolina rigged lizards, Greep pumpkin,Watermelon, Pumpkin/Chart tail

Grubs,tubes, Hula grubs and All chart.spinnerbait reeled at fast as you can with out breaking surface.  Sometimes a firetiger spook cast as high as you can and let it just sit there for minute before working it.


Lee's mill

greens basin

any of the marinas

buzzel cove

in between islands that are close together

Navigate with extreme caution...lots of boulders and ledges

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im back to report from my weekend trip to moultonboro. we got up there thursday night after work and i got out on the water in my 12' jonboat friday morning with my son. we fished from the suissvale launch up to about the lees mill area. i caught a decent bass and a large pickeral before the the storm clouds came in so we left after about an hour and a half of fishing.

my freinds came up with there 16' alumnim v-hull that night and we piled everyone(6 of us) onto it satuday morning. my daughter forgot the map in the car and we found a bunch of shallow rocks(the hard way) down past twin islands. it was soo windy and choppy we were thinking about filming it for a new reallity show(x-treme bass fishing) for the discovery channel. my kids were so traumatised from all the rocking and the waves crashing into the boat so we decided to head back, wich took us forever becaude any time we got any speed up the waves would come crashing into the boat and everyone would get soaked. about an hour or so after we got off the water the waves and wind subsided, but the wives had already made plans for us so there was no more fishing that day.

sunday morning i woke up early and grabbed my son and my boat and headed out to fish. it was 39* outside. we fished around the 3 islands in front of the suissvale launch and i got a small pickeral and a really small sunfish. we headed back in for brunch and by then everyone was awake. we headed back out(just the adults) on my freinds boat and fished the weedbed outside hemlock cove and my buddies wife caught a yellow perch. we hit the cove next to it but didnt have any luck so we headed back towards lees mill and fished around the big island. my wife and my freind each caught a big pickeral and my freinds wife, who says she never catches anything other than sunfish caught a nice bass. we ran out of time so we had to head back. i wish i could have spent a little more time on the water. there are alot of rocks at that lake that come out of knowhere. place is so big its overwhelming. we never even left moultonborough bay. good time anyways.---tom




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