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Lake Anna

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Has anyone fished Lake Anna lately?  Are there any spots that I could fish from shore and catch some LMBs?  I winterized my boat so I don't have a boat to use on the lake right now.  I was hoping that the bite would be ok this weekend with the warmer weather and because of the nuke plant on the lake.

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Lake Anna is separated into two (2) sections.

The "hot" side is totally private.

The "cold" side is open to everyone.

To fish the "hot" side you need to know someone to fish off their property.  I have no idea if you can fish this area off the dams so hopefully someone familiar with Anna can give us their input.

As for the "cold" side, there is a state park that may me open or that you can fish off the bank.

The majority of the "cold" side is private property or inaccessable due to the terrain.

There are some vehicle bridges that cross the lake so check your maps. You may be able to fish off the bridges or their banks.

You may want to call the Lake Anna Marina Bait and Tackle Shop and ask them where you can fish from the shore on the "cold" side.

One Fish Anna is tough on a good day and you may do better fishing some local ponds or other bodies of water.

If you go to the Richmond Fishing Expo on  January 25, 26 and 27 at the Richmond Internatinoal Raceway Complex you can meet one or two of the Lake Anna guides and also get some additional info on the area.

Let us know what you find out.

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You could fish at state park but i wouldnt because its a lot of shallow water over there. You are allowed to fish at the discharge where water from the warm side comes into the cold  side. The water there is warmer and there is rip rap. You can catch striper there to. But the discharge would be your best bet. ;)

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I have seen lots of people fishing from dike three in the cold weather periods. It is the outlet of the cooling side into the main lake.

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