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South FLA

Big "O" Restoration Efforts?

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Any news about muck removal projects on the Big "O"?  

I remember reading somewhere that the State was going to try to restore some shorelines during the low water levels, but haven't read anything since.  I think that we should have a bass boom here in another 2/3 years.

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Guest avid

Man, I hope your right.

The big O, ain't what it used to be.

Word of caution:  Those of you who may be considering a guided trip in Florida's Treasure Coast Region i.e.  Stick Marsh, Ansin Garcia, Blue Cypress etc.  be advised that due to the horrendous conditions some guides who have made their living on Lake Okeechobee for years have been booking trips on these Indian River County lakes.  I feel for these guys because drought and drawdowns are out of their control, but as skilled as these guys may be, they simply do not know these world class lakes.  

Stick with the guys who built their reputations on these lakes and be sure to tell em avid sent ya' (then duck real fast)  

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They removed tons of muck in a certain part of the lake.  The water level is still dangerously low for boaters but fishing has been good in the ditch and dynamite holes.  You are able to get out into the lake in certain areas but be cautious.   I was going to go today but a front came through last night.

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