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South Miami Fishing (Our First Peacock Bass)

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Hey everyone, it's been a while since I had something worth posting and now I finally do. My buddy Eric picked me and brother in law up for some fishing on Saturday. He had been to this lake near my house and said he saw Peacock bass schooling in it. He had tried everything in his tackle box but none were biting. So we went to my neighborhood bait shop and picked up some live shiners to use for bait. Well ten minutes into it Eric catches his first one that was hiding under a bush. Darted right out once the shiner hit the water.


It was a good start but after that we there was nothing for almost an hour. The LGM Bass were very picky and would not go anywhere near our shiners. We walked around the lake, throwing in here and there with no success until we reached the south western part of the lake. We found 3 huge boulders in about 16 ft of water and under them was a school of about 10 Peacock Bass. I threw in my 2 1/2 in shiner hooked in the upper lip out past them and reeled it slowly back to shore. It caught the attention of a bull and he went right after it. I thought LGM bass put up a fight but these suckers are strong! He went nuts when I set the hook, swimming in every direction. I kept my line tight until I got him to shore. He was a beauty. I called him a bull because he had what looked like a horn coming out of its forehead. To my surprise it was actually a bubble. Also, they are not easy to lip as their teeth are sharper and their jaws are much stronger then a LGM. Right after this pic. he clamped down on my thumb so hard I dropped him. (He was ok though)


We didn't get another bite after that but it we left smiling.  ;D  

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 Great going! Really good looking fish! I'm just about as green as 1 of those fish right now (with *** ;D)...

                                     As Ever,


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Nice P's!

I havent caught any since October. I'm going out on Sunday. I hope to have a chance on at least one.

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