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Pond Basser... would like some advice

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In my nieghborhood there is a small 10 acre pond stocked with bass, bluegill, grass carp, catfish, and several crappie. I'm convinced the lake is overpopulated with bass and underpopulated with bait because I catch small bass all the time and TONS of them. I do see large bass, but only during the spawn, I can't find them any other time. I know big bass are caught in deep water and the pond goes to about 30 feet at deepest, but I fish from a paddleboat, I have no electronics so I can't locate fish or structure therefore I am totally lost when it comes to fishing deeper water. What should I do?

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In colder water temperatures or just as the fish start getting aggressive I would drop a spoon or silver buddy in a 1/8 - 1/4oz size in prime deep water areas where you may see some feeding going on.  Is this clear water, slightly stained, etc?  Depending on the water clarity the fish may be deeper, if it isn't that clear they may suspend in the column a bit more.  It all depends on what kind of deep structure the pond offers.  

If a spoon doesn't work you might wanna try something like a 1/8 or 3/8oz bitsy jig with a good action trailer.  Maybe swim it back to you, let it drop all the way down and do the sharp pop technique where you just go from 3 - 12 oclock violently.  For a trailer I would look at maybe a double tail grub made by zoom.  Pumpkin trailers and colored jigs or blue and green jigs work well to imitate bluegill.  

How aggressive are the bass you have caught?  Last I would try some deep diving cranks with a wide wobble to attract plenty of attention, the bass in my local ponds love these.  Rat-L-Traps jigged, slow rolled, or dropped then run along the bottom can produce some hefty bass.  Try and find the grassline on the bottom let it sink into it and slowly pull it through, ripping it when it gets stuck.  Use good line for this though.

What do you see around the shoreline as far as structure?  Sometimes you can figure out where some of the best drop offs or steep banks in the pond or lake are by recognizing what the shoreline characteristics do first and use your imagination to create the underwater world so to speak.  You get better at it as you put yourself in these situations.  This is really the best way to deal with not having electronics.

Just my two cents.

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I fish ponds like this where there is not much bait.  For the big fish look for the most attratcive cover to you, weeds, logs, ect. and fish it with realistic lures.  The big bass will be there, sometimes they just get really smart therefore you need to use very realistic lures.  Since you dont have electronics then just eliminate deep water.  Just look for the best cover and use realistic baits and you will eventually stumble on one.  One more thing, use baits to get reaction strikes, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, fast moving lures.  Many times this is the easiest and the only way to catch these big bass.  Hope you catch one.

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That sounds like a tough situation luckily you only have ten acres to deal with. Take one of those senkos(or a ribbontail worm) you throw and t-rig it with a heavy weight(1/4 to 1/2 oz depending on how much you can feel) and throw it in deep water and drag and hop it back. Look or really feel for some structure then go from there.

Note use a good gama superline 4/0 or 5/0 because i have broken cheap hooks on structure doing this.

Hope you get some nice bigguns ;D

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