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Ponds are Full - No Excuses!

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With three days of rain the local ponds in eastern Virginia and Maryland are full of water so we can't have anymore excuses as to why you guys in these areas are not hammering the bass.

Plus the fact that the ladies should be coming off their beds next week and they will be hungry.

Remember to posts pics, too.

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Sam, I'm hitting my local pond either tonight or tommorrow night for about an hour if the rain holds off a little.  I plan to whack em'.  Let you know how I do if I get the chance to get out.

But your right, my local hole (about an acre and a half to two acres) is full, all the spadderdock are covered up to the tips of the plants and the beaver dam is covered up as well.  There are a ton of stickups that are now under water and lots of shoreline timber that has been covered up as well.  I'll take some pics when I get out to show you guys what I'm looking at.

I'll probably just tie on a Mann's crankbait and or a spinnerbait and run it along the grass edges/spadderdock and some over top.  I tried a worm the other day but they weren't wanting it.  The average bass is a little over 2lbs from this place.  Some 3-4 lbers are in there too.  Like I said I'll post pics of the pond and of the fish if I get any.

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Hey Sam!! We need to hit Chesdin real soon.

I will call ya because hopefully I will be picking up my bass boat sometime this week.


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 Would have thought you had been around long enough to know that the only thing fishermen are better at than stretching the truth is coming up with excuses ;D!!!

                                     As Ever,


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