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Interesting past 2 days.

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Hey guys, I know its been a while. I've been around though, just having a blast with the baby, who is seven months old now. I have been able to get out a bit this spring however, and things started a bit slow. I was catching dinks here and there, and even got skunked twice. So, being very busy at work and with my daughter, I'd hadn't gotten out for the past week or so, that is, until this past sunday. I found this new pond close to my house and decided to give it a go. Guys, from 8am to 12noon I had landed 50 fish. They were all dinks. It was almost unfair, and I felt like i was fishing in a barrell. It was by far the most bass I've ever caught in one trip. I think thats all that was in this place or something, as if it was stocked last year or something. No bluegill or sunfish, or any fish for that matter over 10 inches. I have pics of a few, not worth posting though.

So, yesterday, I managed to get out of work on time, and on the tip of a friend, went to a local pond. I was using the same Mepps #3 that I caught the dinks with, same knot and all. I was there for 5 minutes and hooked a nice bluegill. The very next cast I went the other direction and snagged an AWESOME fish. She fought be very hard for about 30 seconds, all i could think about was the knot. It was crazy. I finally landed her and all i could do was measure her length, at 21 inches. I estimated 4.5-5lbs. She was very healthy and very fat. I only wish i had my camera with me! Again I came straight outta work, and the camera was at home. Either way, it was an awesome battle and fought much harder than my PB, which was a much older fish. I just had to share these past 2 days with you guys. Sorry about the novel.


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Nice, I have a stocked pond that I'll go to if I need a confidence booster. Never caught a 4.5 pounder there though.  ;D Nice job.

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Thanks for the comments guys. Let me clarify, the dinkmaster pond was different than the 4.5lb'er pond. The dink pond definitely brought some confidence back.  :D

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