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Pulled a fat one out in Richmond, VA =D

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First thing, I just want to say thanks to Sam for giving me some tips on places to fish!

I went to a local pond to relieve some stress before finals...my last time fishing til their done so I thought I'd try out a new place.  Started off at 7ish with a trout pattern rat-l-trap, lost it due to faulty leader knot, I then tied on a "Bleeding shiner" rat.  It was around 8pm when the first fish hit...uber dink, but at this point i'm thinking, "hey better than nothing"...2 more casts later I get another hit, small one about 1lb or less.  About 10 mins later I cast parallel to shore and get slammed by this beauty...takes my baits and runs with it while I'm praying my second leader knot was tied properly...she jumps about 3 times and pulls my line constantly.  I finally get her to shore and lip her, and d**n she's fat!  She took my rat deep and I had to go from behind her gill plate to get it out...She was eventually released (no blood!) and swam off a bit dazed.


Uber dink!


decent size, decent fight


big one! looks smaller in the pic now that I take a look at it =(

I didn't bring my scale...AGAIN....so I'm guessing around 3-4lbs!

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Hope you do well on the finals.


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I may have found another place to fish in Richmond and if I can get in I will let you know about it.

It is a private golf course with a pond that they guys say are loaded with big bass.

I will give it a try and see if I can fish it.

I will let you know.

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Nice fish Simon.  Do good on them finals and soon after you will be able to relieve even all that stress at Pony Pasture.  Boy I'd hate to be one of them smallmouth on may 10th  ;D

Can't wait dude.  We need to get out again buddy.

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