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What's Up in NoVA?

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I've got one final left then heading home on Wednesday. Definitely gonna go out Thursday, probably Friday, Sat and Sun ;). Got to catch up on everything I've been missing out on. I'm wondering what the bass are up to. Have they made their main push onto the beds? I'm sure there are bass in all three stages but what's the majority seem like theyre doing. I'll probably hit Hunting Run first, depending on how I do there maybe Occ Res the next day. I'll fill you in on how I do, ahhhhhh cant wait to be back out on the water. :D

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It appears that we do have bass in all stages right now.  The fishing has been good and the bass are fighting aggressively when they strike.  Let us know how you do at Hunting Run, I have not fished there but I plan to at some point this year.

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Yep me and Phil will be heading out on Thursday.  Hunting Run for sure, I talked to my dad last night and found out somethigns up with the outboard so we gotta get that checked out  ::). So I guess electric only lakes for a bit.  Anybody have a favorite outboard mechanic or place to get one checked out around the Fredericksburg area?

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