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anyone tried throwin a Huddleston or LARGE swim baits at Briery Creek with any sucess?

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just curious since these baits are known for catchin HAWGS and being that Briery holds some of VA's largest figured that would be the place to try throwing LARGE swim bait. Only thing is all that standing timber and structure and vegatation probably end up losing a few of these baits since hook is exposed on most and at that price will hurt anyones pocket...but the reward im sure will be NICE! I think im goin to start with 6'' Hudd and see what kinda action i get...i think they will produce some nice ones! 8-)

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I dont know about the hudd but maybe you should check out Mattlures Swimbaits, he has great baits for the east coast and i think are cheaper than a hudd. He has bluegill,baby bass,crappie,redear sunfish, yellow perch etc. etc. swimbait patterns.

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The more weedless models of swimbaits work quite well there. There a very few places where the likelyhood of catching a large one is that I would use any style of exposed hook swimbait.

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