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  1. Just got off the phone with TW, according to them the T1 has been discontinued! ?
  2. Thanks! Yeah I didn't see them on TW or Basspro etc. Maybe find one or two on different sites but nothing like all the colors / sizes they used to offer. Even on Rapala site they only offer two colors. I use to order them all time on TW, now cant even find them on their site.
  3. What happened to them? Discontinued? I read some rumors of Rapala buying them out, did they just buy them out and discontinue them? They were my go to spinnerbait! ?
  4. I just got a used bass boat that I swapped out trolling motor to 36v. The boat has on board 3 bank charger installed. Can I hook charger up to the 3 batteries that are in series? Or would I have to dis connect the batteries in order to charge?
  5. Bomber fat free square bill
  6. need to sharpen some spinnerbait and buzzbait hooks, any recommendations for a hook sharpener? Or just get any ol one off eBay?
  7. When using multi bank chargers, on a 24 or 36v system do you have to disconnect the batteries for them to charge or can you leave them all hooked up?
  8. Spro bronzeye Spro poppin frog Spro shad Live Target how is the Lunker Hunt frog holding up for everyone? Does it take on water faster than others?
  9. I use battery tenders and I think they work great! They dont heat up or over charge, I leave mine plugged up when not in use. Also use them for my motorcycle and atv's.
  10. What is the difference in medium and long bill?
  11. Luck-E-Strike "Rick Clunn" RC STX look identical for half the cost.
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