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  1. Thanks for this thread. I recently bought a 99 Nitro with a 50lb motorguide that worked in 12 or 24 and is currently wired for 24. I bought a 24v Terrova and was going to just leave the wiring but now have just gone ahead and ordered all the wiring and fuse to upgrade when I install the new motor thanks to this thread.
  2. Always better to ask for forgiveness.
  3. Im going to end up buying one. Its the last one I need for the collection.
  4. They are fantastic and you cant beat their prices
  5. I had a sea eagle stealth stalker 10. I loved it. Very durable, ran over hidden logs a couple of times with no issues.
  6. Thats not bad at all. Start hiding your stuff better
  7. 90% of the lakes I fish and that are in my area are electric only. There are times I may want to take 4 people out on the lake so a small jon boat wont do I need something bigger like 16' or so. What size trolling motor would you bow mount on that to at least get decent thrust? Most likely Ill be going 1754 or 1648 in the Grizzly tracker model. Thanks!
  8. Thats what I would roll with too and happens to be what I have to do at the majority of areas I have to fish in Southern Jersey.
  9. Wow is all I could say when I unboxed the rod. Megabass Addermine. It weighs next to nothing. Not sure how Ill be able to use anything other than Megabass rods now. I am beyond impressed. Cant wait to fish it and once I do Im sure Ill need more.
  10. LIVE on #Periscope: old dude tripping balls again https://t.co/wBCXeX4G1T

  11. RT @Scrotus_2016: Of course I believe in torture. I've been married three times. #Trump2016 #scrotus

  12. RT @OfficialMizGin: I know what it’s like to be an outlaw. I still owe a 35-cent library fine. Every time I hear a knock on the door, I t…

  13. RT @Scrotus_2016: I've got something for you to embrace, little Marco, if you know what I'm saying. It'll be great, just great. #GOPDebate

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