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  1. I carry 2-3 combos most bank fishing excursions. I try not to lay them on the ground as I like to keep my stuff looking new. Some cheap extendable rod holders from Walmart do the trick. Stick them in the ground and lean the unused rods against them. Pull them up and repeat as I move from spot to spot.
  2. The few snakes I see while bank fishing in these parts are of the non-venomous variety.
  3. I have the Gen 1 and extremely happy with it. I have never missed the pinion support bearing even when landing a 9+ pound Channel Cat that took my kayak for a ride down river. The retrieve was fine even under that load. That being said I would have bet money the new Gen would have the P2 support bearing. I am extremely disappointed their flagship reel doesn’t have it. I understand why the Gen 1 didn’t as no Lew’s reels did at the time. Now most of their reels from the LFS up have the support bearing.
  4. I have the aluminum framed spinning reel and it has been a great reel. I would stay away from the baitcaster. Too many other great choices at that price or lower with aluminum frames. At that price I would rather have a Shimano SLX DC or save some bucks and get a Lew’s LFS, Abu Revo SX or X
  5. When I drink tequila it’s silver Patron
  6. One cup of Black Rifle coffee just black blend. Drink it black with 2 equal.
  7. Last year I caught my first Bass of the year on March 25th On the 14th of this year we got hammered with snow. Most of it is still around. The dog loves it.
  8. I drink it and mix it into smoothies. Great source of potassium.
  9. Love my chicken parm! Dad’s Sicilian Italian and Mom is Irish. She makes Italian food better than my full blood Italian aunts and grandmother.
  10. Looks like an Embark test which is what we used as well. River is a great looking dog. The Supermutt on his breed summary has me intrigued. I looked it up and it means traces so small they can’t be assigned to a particular breed. Iggy is 70lbs now. I wanted a small dog but they didn’t have any at the shelter. My son really wanted Iggy. We are super happy with our choice.
  11. So happy, that DSG public lands is by my job. The new Bass Pro is going to be on my way home. Boss, I will be late back from lunch. Honey I will be late for dinner.
  12. @TnRiver46 They could make it up, however I did research to find a reputable company. I did notice some of the cheaper test companies had bad reviews and stayed away. Once I got the results it became clear that it was accurate. I can see her Beagle eyes, Pitbull teeth, Shar-Pei blue tongue and Coonhound nose.
  13. My vote is for the Lew’s LFS. I have 2 of them. The older one is without the P2 pinion support bearing and the newer one has it. Both are workhorse reels I have no complaints about.
  14. We adopted a shelter pet in August. Iggy was labeled a “hound mix” by the SPCA. Everyone that sees her thinks she is, or is part Golden Lab. I have a detective mind by nature. No mystery goes without investigation with me. I purchased a dog DNA test to find out the breeds Iggy is made up of. A quick cheek swab mailed to the company takes about three weeks to get back results. I was shocked. There is not an ounce of Lab blood in her. About the only thing I got right was my guess that the hound part of her was Treeing Walker CoonHound. Our vet said he saw Beagle in her upon her initial visit. No one believes the Shar-Pei part until I show them she has a blue dot on her tongue. Shar-Pei and Chow dogs have blue tongues. Anyway we love our German Sheppit as we now call her. She is really a sweet dog. Not a mean bone in her body. Other than some destructive bed shredding separation anxiety at times we are very happy. If you have a mutt, these tests can be eye opening fun.
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