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water level is at full pool.clarity is improving in the stump field area and so is the bite.many are fishin from the power lines south in the river channel.grass is just startin to grow and this should make for some really good fishin .last week in the x treme tx. there were 3 sacks over 15+ and one almost 13.weve been gettin between 10 and 12.5 in the stump fields when the wind will let you fish.

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hey gatorboy53, long time no talk.  glad to hear of the report from rodman.  the gator club is having their next tournament their in june.  when are we goign to hook up?  since it is summer i have oodles more time whenever.  so i take it the once rich hydrilla is now decimated and its almost flat ground?  

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yeah,havent heard from you in awhile.the grass got knocked back during the drawdown but is starting to come back good in most areas.fishing seems to be gettin better every week,so you should have a good time in june.

i fish tx. or prefish for tx. just about every weekend and fish a tues nite weekly on sampson and a little local deal every other thur. nite,so about the only free time i have is thur.on the weeks we dont have the local deal goin on.i try to go to rodmans on that day or orange,but am always lookin for someone to hook up w/ and share expenses.this gas crap is puttin a hurtin on my fishin especially these places that are a hr. away.i still got your # if its not the same im me w/ new

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