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NoVA - Round Hill VA, Hill High Orchard Pond

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I never see people fishing this pond right off of Rt 7 in Round Hill.  I called and asked the orchard if I could fish it, and they said OK, the owner lets anyone fish there.  

Anyone try this place out? Should I not bother, and just procede to wading the Shenandoah 5 minutes up the road?

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Hey Avalon, hey far is Round Hill from say the outskirts of Woodbridge/Manassas?

Is the wading at Shenandoah any good?!?!?  Never been there.  Done the Rappahannock, the Rapidan, and the James but haven't tried that yet.

I may have to give it a shot one upcoming week if it's not out of my way.

My dad goes to a place similar to this at one of the vineyards off 66 you can fish but you need to buy a bottle of wine first lol.  

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Round hill is about 10 miles west of Leesburg on Rt7.

Wading the river is fun, but watch out for drunken bubbas and his 14 drunken cousins as well as loads of illegal immigrants at the public access places.  Lately, wanting to avoid the human trash, I have my wife drop me off at a secluded spot upstream from Harper's Ferry.  She then goes into town and shops while I proceed downstream and fish.  There are tons of spots to jump in, but ask a landowner first, or they get mad and chase you... A great spot, though busy with river rafters, is the spot where the Shenandoah collides with the Potomac.  Park on the side of the road on Rt340 (1 mile stretch of road in VA).  Go down the hill and rock hop and catch smallmouth all day long.  Got a 4 pounder there last year, and plenty of 1s and 2s.  

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I have seen people fish there. Mostly families with small children chunking a night crawler.

You can walk around that pond in about 15 minutes and might be a nice stopover.

There are picnic tables there also. if it were me and the owner let me fish there, I think I would at least stop in a buy a soda and sandwich from him just to show thanks.

As far as the Shenandoah...I would recommend continueing over the bridge and make a left at the fruit stand and go Watermelon park.

About 1/4 mile up from Watermelon park is Lockes Landing and thats where I like to wade.

Be careful...there are som holes that will get the top of your head wet if you step in them.

Also not a bad idea to have some type of flotation device with you. Maybe attach it with a lanyard and let it float behind you, yet within easy reach if you need it.

Last weekend a fellow drowned just above the riffles at Watermelon park....as I said, there are some deep holes, and I suspect he was trapped in some laydown trees.

If you want some really good fishing...try SKEETER LAKE. Its across the road from High Hill and about 1/4 mile east.

Access is tricky, because the land around it is private, but I know what a game Warden told me. Interesed??? PM me.

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If you are up for a drive, I've been pulling out some decent smallies from the south fork off of 340 south of Front Royal between 619 and gooney creek. It's mostly shallow swift water, but there are quite a few shelves where they like to hide.

On the subject of the mainstem Shenandoah... has anyone here fished the stretch off of Rte 50 near Paris Mountain? I was wondering if it was worth the time to go out there... Although, it's always worth the time to go fishing.

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