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Anybody near Mobile want to let me in on Your favorite fishing spot?

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Hey guys,

I'm in Theodore. I fish a little creek behind my house and have been to Dog river, Rabbit creek and Fowl river.  Would love to find a nice lake or pond around my house to catch the big ones in.

My creek is full of Bass but the bigger ones are mabe 1.5 lbs and the average catch is under 1 lb.  It's fun but I'd really like to get on some bigger ones. had ok luck with the rivers but I think I just don't know where the sweet spots are.

I was thinking Big Creek Lake probably has some nice fish but I wouldn't know where to go except next to the bridge.

Could also use some pointers. I've been fishing for a long time but just started bass fishing about a month ago. I have beer and will travel! ;D

Thanks for any advise!


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Big creek lake is the only place that I can think of in your area. I have not fished it but would like to go. Do you have a boat?

I have not heard great things about bass in the delta, mostly dinks.

You may want to look at google maps for some ponds.

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I'm working on getting a 15' jon boat from a guy at work. I've got two budies with boats too.

I've heard the same thing about the Delta fish. Too small.

I've actually gotten on Google earth and looked around. There are hundreds of ponds around here but they are all on private property. Lots of farm ponds. There is a big pond down the street in a neighbor hood I'm going to try out.

Any good places over in Loxley? I wouldn't mind heading out that way on occasion. Thats a very nice area to be in.

Whens that Bass pro shop suposed to open? I have a feeling I'll be over close to your neighborhood a good bit when they open. ;D



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There is a pay lake called cooper's pond in loxley off 64. I have not fished it but it looks great. I do not know of any other spots to fish except for a few private spots that I have to get permission to go to.

I heard that Bass Pro will open on one of two dates, 8/4 or 8/15.


Maybe we could hit up Big creek lake in the future

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Big Creek Lake is a pretty good fishery from my experience, we've had a couple club tournaments over there and there have always been some nice limits weighed in... last tournament I only caught 3 fish (non-boater) and weighed 7 pounds.. better fish on average than what we seem to have in most places around here. I'll let you know some of the creeks we fished there but I'll have to take a look at the map and get back to you.

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