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Occoquan Reservoir Rantport.

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Fished the reservoir saturday and sunday. Got on the water early on Saturday and there were already a ton of boats out. Fished a few coves that have deep dropoffs and managed 6 LMB the largest going just over 3lbs and the rest in the 1-2 lb range. Later ran up lake and fished a few points and picked up a few more 1-2 lb fish with a few dinks. Mainly threw flukes rigged on a weighted hooks dead sticking on the dropoffs (produced the 3lb fish). Also threw the carolina rig with lizard and trick worm which produced less then the fluke.

Sunday I got out late and fished down lake all day till about 5. Same deal with the flukes producing the most fish. Landed about 8 total biggest being 2lbs.

This weekend seemed to be the bussiest weekend on the reservoir that I have seen in ages. I mean, not just tournament anglers but a lot of ****** bags. I actually like the tournament anglers since they have common courtesy on the water. On Saturday I had no less then 3 boats cut me off of fishing a bank run. Not like they motored up and left me 100 yards, they actually were close enough for me to cast a jig in their coffee cup! I don't understand? I had one boat come trolling toward me from the middle of the lake and get right in front of me not two boat lengths ahead and proceeded to fish my run. Another guy passed me and just about cast across my deck! Is there no common courtesy anymore on the water? Anyone else see this this past weekend?

Sunday I only had one boat give me trouble but still. It seems like this weekend was the ****** bag festival and everyone got free admission.

Sorry for the rant. Just interested to see who else rand into this crap.

Tight lines.

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I stayed away this weekend because of the T. I haven't seen a whole lot of rude fishermen this year, but the crew guys really get on my nerves.

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I was out there sunday as well at Lake Ridge. Started about 6:00 a.m and crept back in about 12:30 (Battery being near death). It appears you had better luck than I did. I threw mostly senkos (Watermelon w/red flake). Caught one on that, another 1lb'er on a Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap over by Henderson road (the one to get to fountainhead).

Most of my normal spots didn't get much of anything. Glad to hear someone had better luck, than my partner and I. Between the two of us we only boated three all under 2lbs.

As for boat courtesy, I didn't have too many problems, I seem to have more issues with kayakers than i do boaters. Just my personal experience, nothing against them, just some of the people in them   ;D

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           I tend to just look mean as $h!t and that seems to fend off any rudeness.......LOL   And I have no problem with telling someone to get it in check!     8-)

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