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Little Creek Reservoir, James City County, VA

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Update - in case anyone is planning a trip.  

I went out this evening with my son.  The lake is down about 5 feet.  Due to a low flow in the Chickahominy River, the city is drawing water off Little Creek.  If anyone is familiar with this lake, it's a deep lake with steep banks, very clear water, very little structure, with the bottom almost completely grown over with coontail grass.

Lauching a boat is going to be very difficult since the water is below the bottom of the ramp.   As a result, we bank fished.   (I understand that if the water continues to be drawn off - and it will be - the lake may close to launching and/or fishing in October.)

And as a result of the water drawdown, the water's edge is all slop.  That's the good part.  I fished the slop with toads and caught four in about 40 minutes.  The biggest was about 2 - 2 1/4 lbs.   You could see bass suspended in many of the the holes in the grass.   It's really a frog fisherman's heaven.  Lots of live frogs in the grass, and lots of bass (especially smaller ones) prowling for them.  

Then we fished the pier.  I caught one more on my new Yo-Zuri 3D Flat Crank in golden shiner.  Then I got a nice black crappie which was a pleasant surprise.

So, the water's down but fishing is fantastic.   LOTS of baby bass and bluegill around.  The banks around the lake are all sandy as a result of last year's water drawdown, and the banks look like a moon-scape with all the fish beds that were created last spring once the water was pumped back in.  

I fished Wright Bait Garlic Injected 4" frogs in black on an Owner Spiral Lock 2/0 hook.  I also fished Net Bait Frogs in watermelon/pearl with the same hook.  Caught three on the Wright Baits and one on the Net Bait.  

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Have avoided this body of water due to its low water conditions.

Glad to hear you did well.

Keep those reports coming.  :)

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Yes, it's getting hit hard by the city for the second year now.  

First, the breach in Walkers Dam on Chickahominy Lake caused low water levels in that river (and primary water source) so the city drew off Little Creek to compensate.  The breach has been fixed but now the Chick has a super-low water flow due to drought in the Peidmont so the city is tapping Little Creek again.   They always tap Little Creek first since it is the highest of the city's reservoirs.

However, it should be back up in the spring.  The lake is only 5 feet down now.   Last year this time is was something like 7-8 feet down, and ended up 11 feet down by October.  By March is was brimming full.  

The good part about the drawdowns at that as the water comes down the coontail grass becomes exposed and dies off leaving sandy beach.  Then, upland grasses start growing in the exposed lakebed.  When the water comes back up, these areas become perfect bedding areas.  I was serious about the moonscape.  All around the lake as nothing but old beds from the spring.  The water has more visible fish than I've ever seen before.  

So, avoid it this fall, but make it a point to fish there this spring.  Come prepared to fish a deep (60+ feet), ultra-clear, grass bottom lake.   It's a fantastic lake.

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