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Rodman Resevoir

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Hi guys,I been fishing Rodman,every chance I can get away from the house.It's a beutiful impoundment,my question is,for you guys that fish there regularly,I've been useing 7.5" grape shad worms and white spinner baits,the worms seem to produce dinks up to 2 lbs,the spinner baits produce slightly larger fish,but mostly mudfish,this place is too fishey looking not to have an abundance of large fish,what baits should I be useing,and what technique,also where do you fish in this place? there is cover everywhere you look,anyway any info would be greatly appreciated

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depending on the time of yr. now...the main river channel is where you'll find the bigger fish and creeks.if you have a gps finding the intersections or bends arent that hard.w/o its kinda tricky.you can criss cross the stump field untill you find the drop off and work from there.what your lookin for is stumps in the bends and especially if they have grass on them.

about a mth. ago the area all around deep creek bridge was holdin some good fish,dont know about now,but worth a look.

the area just in front of the dam can be hot ,c-rig the shell beds where it comes up from 25+' to 15'.still will be some schoolers just s. of the dam at times.

it wont be long and they will start to migrate toward the coves and feeder creeks.the power line area will start to heat up if it already hasnt.

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Unrelated to your topic but I used to catch the biggest blue gill and Shell crackers I have ever seen in any Florida lake in those stump fields, I used to go with this old guy who would tear the pads up with his engine and then we would drop the grass shrimp in the stirred up water. I'm telling you they were as big as dinner plates, I wish i had saved a few for mounts, but back then I was lucky enough to have money to fish. ;D

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