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Lake Ochechobee

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Is there anyone that can give me some info on catching some Largemouth down at Ochechobee.  I've only fished Barkley and kentucky Lakes in my life, so I only know how to fish ledges mainly.  I really know absolutley nothing at all about this lake so any info would be greatly appreciated. I'll be fishing the FLW College Bass Fishing Qualifier there at the end of February.  All I know is that I'm going out of the Roland Martin Marina and that the lake is known for BIG bass.  I noticed that most of the fishing done there is with Live Wild Shiners, which I dont' know what they look like.  And I've heard mentioned something called the monkey box.  What is that?  Also I heard something about the rim canal or something like that.  They said that it was deep and was a good place to find bass.  I'm coming down to fish this tournament without practice, so I'm just trying to develop a solid strategy before I head that way.  I really need a limit of fish.  BAD.  If any one has any surefire tactics for getting a limit of decent fish in the boat, PLEASE let me know.  Thanks a lot everyone.  I really need the help!

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Hey man what school will you be fishing for. Im with Georgia Southern Univ. All I can tell you is to get a map and start breaking it down and finding these places on the map. Some of these guys will help but some dont want to give up their good spots either. Suggestion, go to myoutdoortv.com and look for the fishing videos where they fish Okeechobee and watch several times and try and pick up something different everytime you watch them. I suggest watching the Scott Martin Challenge cause its Roland's kid who grew up on the lake.

Lake conditions will be amazing for bedding fish but we will be fishing behind three days of stren competition. So look for something away from the ramp where most people havent fished yet...it is 100,000 acres so you should be able to find plenty of unmolested fish just about anywhere. I heard a prediction it could take a lil over 30 lbs a day to win for the stren guys. Looking at 18 lbs a person for us college guys. Thats nuts and Im excited to say the least.

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Dude, I hope this isn't the case and I don't want to sound too negative but the odds are stacked way against you.  Lake "O" is huge and can be a real bit**.  It will probably be cool here in Feb. but keep your fingers crossed we don't get a cold front the night before your tourny.  Here's what I would do and have rigged..

1. Rod for topwater such as a spook or buzzbait.

2. Rod Junebug or red shad worm with 1/8 to 3/16 oz sinker.

3. Rod for rattletrap.

4. Rod for a jig.

I would fish in 1-5 feet of water, concentrating in areas of the lake that have grass just below the surface or sticking up just above the surface.

The bass may be bedding during this time to so you might be able to sight fish if the water is clear.

Be careful venturing out into the lake without a GPS.  It is very easy to lose your bearings out there.  

Try fishing the cuts that lead from the rim canal into the lake also.

Pray for NO cold front and blue bird skies or else your in for some tough fishing.  

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I always find fish by faning areas with a White / Yellow Spinnerbait ...

Works for me but may be too slow for tournaments..

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