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Mr. Smallmouth

how do i catch better fish at Lake Norman nc.

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Mr. Smallmouth,

You have asked the $64,000 question.

I don't know if anyone will give you their specifics or secrets fishing the lake, but there are generalities that you can use to increase your catch, both frequency and quality.

1.  Go on-line and look for blogs or other sites for Lake Norman. Read what is being reported.

2.  Try to obtain a good map of the lake and study where you will be walking the bank.

3.  Look for shallow water (0 to 5 feet) and drop-offs; any grass, points, coves, underwater structure, humps, etc.

4. Check weather reports.

5.  Look for shallows, ledges, roadbeds, etc. adjacent to the shoreline. The bass may be in deeper water and then come to the shoreline to eat. Look for docks, piers, pilings, etc. to fish, too.

6.  Fish the shoreline from all angles with all types of baits.  If it is cloudy, the bass will be strolling along the shore.  If sunny, they can be either swimming along the shore or holding tight to cover and structure.

7.  Throw a wacky Senko, a drop shot, and a shaky head starting with small baits and then moving up in hook size and bait size as you catch fish, unless you start catching the larger ones on smaller baits.

8.  Moving baits will work, too.  So throw those.

9.  Ask locals when you get to the lake where the best place is to fish the bank.

10.  Be sure to have pliers and a knife with you to remove hooks and to cut your line.  Polarized sunglasses are a must.  You really need them to fish the banks of any body of water.

11.  Walk around the bank to find different places.  If you can locate any areas where you can fish a "dam" please fish it.

12.  Don't stay any one place based on time.  Stay until you have thrown your baits enough times, 20 to 30 casts with each, and fanning them out from left to right and then right to left, before you decide to move on.

Once you determine the pattern you will probably catch the bass along the bank from just about anywhere.

Also, don't forget to get to the lake before sunrise and start to throw your topwaters, like Cavitron buzzbaits, topwater poppers, Chugbugs, and the like.

Stay to sunset and once again throw topwaters as it starts getting dark.

It is important to study the lake's shoreline and find the structure, ledges, dropsoffs, roadbeds, etc. on a map before you leave home.  Do your homework and you will have a great time.

Just remember, it may take time for the fish to tell you what they want and how to present it.  Fast, slow, shallow, deep, moving baits, on the bottom, in the cover and structure, colors of the day, etc.

Have a good time and let us know how you do.  ;)

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I'm thinkin of making a trip down there myself this summer.  My cousin got a job there and will be moving here in a few weeks.  Although I will taking and fishing from the boat so anyone with any tips at all for that lake would be appreciated.

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Did you guys look at the other question on Lake norman? It is about 3 or 4 down, I put a link in there to a shore access map provided by Duke Energy for that lake. Check it out and good luck guys.

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Check out the fishing reports on http://www../bassfish/

lknbassman does excellent reports for Norman.

Edit: Dog....person below is right, link don't work ..... google "bass fishing home page".  It is the first result.  You can sort by date so you can see what happened last year, with what.

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That link wont load - Im about to hit Norman probably this weekend will give an update - Try Cane Creek In Union County its the best kept secret EVER!

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