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Reelfoot Lake in March

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Me and three others are going to Reelfoot the last weekend in March for the first time. I have always wanted to go to this lake, and the opportunity finally arose. We are not really worried about the size or numbers of fish we catch, we are really just looking to have a good time and catch a few bass.

Does anyone have any information on this lake for this time of year? Where to fish, what on, or what color?

We have heard that the northern part of the lake is best this time of year so we are camping and planning to fish the upper blue basin, but were willing to fish anywhere if anyone has any suggestions.

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google reelfoot then click on the first link. then click on fishing reports. you probably have seen it already, but if you haven't, it gives pretty good info.

i've been there 3 times (april, may and june) and have never caught the numbers we expected. everything looks great. miles of standing timber, stumps and lily pads. its hard to know where to start. we have never really put anything all that successful together though. our best luck probably came from starve pond area. have had some success in the ditches as well. probably caught the most pitching senkos around trees/stumps with lily pads near by. second best technique has been bumping crankbaits around stumps and lay-downs.

i have posted here in the past (as well as seen other people post) asking about reelfoot, but usually there aren't many responses.

good luck. post a report on how you did if you get a chance.

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Thanks for the info. I wasn't expecting a lot of replies but hoping for any info. I've never been to Reelfoot, and have no idea what to expect, we're hoping to figure it out when we get there, so any help is appreciated.

I will post my results when I get back from my trip, and hopefully I'll have something to tell.

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Well we didn't end up going to Reelfoot, something fell through with the jonboats we were borrowing to take at the last minute, so we decided to save the trip and fish 3 days on Laurel Lake, which is our home lake. Fishing was extremely tough there we only caught 21 fish out of two boats in three days and most of those were small fish. We did have two smallmouth over 5lbs and one just over 4lbs.

The Reelfoot trip was a bust, but we salvaged what we could and we all had a good time. Turns out it rained all three days on us, but we stayed on a houseboat each night. If we went to Reelfoot we were going to tent camp. So it may be a good thing that we didn't get to go.

I still want to go to Reelfoot sometime, if I ever get the chance I'll be sure and post the results on here.

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