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Eastern Virginia lakes

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I live in hampton virginia and i was just wondering if anyone knows any great fishing spots where just electric motors are allowed if so please post thanks!!! :)

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Heck, yes.  I live in Newport News.  All the lakes I list will be electric only.

Lee Hall Res.

Lee Hall Reservoir in Newport News is pretty good, and getting better.  The ramp is at the campground off Jefferson Avenue.  Best place is to go under the I-65 bridge and fish the side will all the standing timber.

Harwood Mills Reservoir

Another Newport News Reservoir.  Good bass and GREAT pickerel fishing.   The best part of the lake is on the other side of the Oriana Road causeway.  Problem is, you can't get a boat you launch over there.  But you can rent theirs and put you own motor on it.

Little Creek Reservoir

The whole lake is good.  Water levels get lowered each fall about 10 feet which creates beaches all around the lake.  By spring, the water levels are back up and there are vast expanses of hard, sandy bottom near shore.  Spawns have been great last couple of years.  lake has walleye, too, and has recently been restocked.  This is a fantastic striped bass lake, too.  Stop by Hooker's Bait and Tackle on the way and meet Darryl and the other folks.  Great place to buy tackle.  

Daiscund Reservoir

The whole lake is great.  It's big, so take two batteries for a full day.  

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thanks alot i do fish a lot of those and have ok luck but is there any certain baits or colors that work good for those?

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Lee Hall and Harwood Mills have water drawn off the Chickahominy.   These are primary reservoirs in the reservoir network and where we get our drinking water.  The water is stained, sometimes heavily, and the lakes are very weedy, just like the Chick.  I've found the following are my best producers...

Weightless 4" and 5" senkos, either wacky rigged or t-rigged on a 3/0 EWG hook.   Green pumpkin w/ black flake, and sometimes purple with blue flake do well for me.   Fished around blow-downs, or in nooks and crannies in the shoreline, and around timber and branches.  

Swim Senkos (same colors) on a 3/0 or 4/0 EWG hook and a pegged 3/16 oz bullet weight.  Or you can get some EWG hooks that are weighted and have a twist lock.  I like these best.  I fish these along grassy shorelines.

For hard baits, flashier colors (shiny or chrome) tend to do well for me.  

Diascund and Little Creek draw water off each other.  These are back-up holding reservoirs.  Water is drawn off Little Creek when the others start to get low (Little Creek suffers first since its the highest elevation, but Diascund sometimes sends water to Little Creek if Little Creek does not refill quickly enough) Diascund is stained.  Little Creek is a little stained in the winter, but turns very clear in the summer.  

In Diascund, the same lures as in Lee Hall work well.  In Little Creek, I've found other colors work well here.  Red shad colored worms of all sorts, purples, blues, laminated colors, etc.  Okeechobee and Bama craw (green pumpin w/ green flake and green pumkin w/ blue flake, respectively) work very well.   In hard baits, red craw, brown craw, shad colors, bluegill colors.  IMO, its a little easier to be more experimental on Little Creek.  On lakes like Lee Hall, I've just found that green pumpkin works so well that I rarely use much else.

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Wow thanks for all the info i really appreciate it..

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