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Storing Spare Carolina Rigs

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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to store some extra carolina rigs?  I thought about cutting out some cardboard and wrapping them around it, but I'm worried it will create to much line memory.


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Cut a small piece off of a noodle float and wrap the line around that and stick the hook in. I use Carolina Keepers and that eliminates the need for leaders.

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I'll go ahead and recommend that you don't use 'leaders' in the traditional sense and store extra rigs.  I use Carolina Keepers along with a drop of soft bait glue versus a swivel.   I rig my C-rigs normally otherwise...with a Tungsten bullet sinker and tungsten clacker.   The carolina keeper just replaces the swivel to keep the line intact.  This equates into a more sensitive rig...the detection of the bite doesn't have to go through a swivel.  Maintaining a solid piece of line is a decisive advantage...

*edit*  I'm a little late apparently, or I admittedly didn't read through all the replys!  Carolina Keepers are the only way to go...use them once and feel the difference!

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