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Bobby Uhrig

New Shak-E2 Heads are now Available

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This new design in Shakey Style heads could be the greatest most universal head ever designed. We have put a great amount of thought and R&D on this head.There are basically two types of "shakey styles or techniques".One is to fish the bait horizontally usually with a 60 or 90 degree bend in the hookeye.Keeping the bait parallel to the bottom. That is used for suspended bass. The other is to fish smaller finesse baits on the bottom.Swimming them at first then letting them land on the bottom or drag them along the bottom.The New Shak-E 2 Head gives the angler the best of both worlds. For those that have seen this New Shak-E2 design at the resent shows-all agree it is very functional. The head will always land in the upright position .It will raise the worm ,craw or whatever you are using in the stand up position. When you drag it along the bottom it will lay down then roll foward into the upright position. The head gives you 2 ways to rig it.On the spike keeper behind the head for weedless applications or exposed hook for open water applications. The football head in front gives it stablility from falling over on its side. The eye of the hook is buried in the head to help it from getting snags. This head can be used for "Shakey Style" fishing. It can also be used for pitching into mats of grass. it can be used for skipping docks or flipping into heavy cover. It is a self contained unit . It pretty much does it all. Look at these pictures. sizes and colors. Click on this site and go to Shak-E2 line and click -to enlarge. You can click on the download red line. Thanks guys Bobby@MegaStrike http://lineart.redshad.com/ click on this site to see pics

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Bobby, I got some of these on the Roadtrip and I must say they are very nice looking.

Thanks again for you generosity, cant wait until the PA season picks up soon!!!

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Looks great! Shaky heading is one of my favorite techniques for river smallmouth, I might have to order some to give em a shot.

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