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Bobby Uhrig

New shak-E2 pictures

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Hello Everyone. I know I havent been here in a long time but we have been very busy. First I would like to thank everyone for their continued support of Megastrike Fishing Products. Now I would like to say that the New Shak-E2 Heads are now available at fine tackle shops around the country. These newly designed heads have been the talk of every show we demonstrated them at this new season.We were the talk of the Henry's Show(who are the largest fishing tackle distributors in the country) as well as the Fred Hall Show in Ca. Tackle Tour (www.tackletour.com) wrote us up as best new product in the show. They have pics on their website. When we were doing some filming with some "shakey heads" last summer.We really didnt notice anything spectacular about the heads themselves. It was more of a "technique" rather than the head. The only real component difference was the 60 or 90 degree bend in the hook eye placement to give the bait a horizontal presentaion while swimming or jigging. When the bait was dragged along the bottom, contrary to what we preceive ,the baits never stand up .They rolled on their sides and layed there .When we were filming-the baits that stood upright,with the tails or claws upright got bite more often.The new shak-E2 Heads are very unique in design. While swimming a bait-the fulcrum acts like a crankbait lip giving the bait a lot of vibration.The bend in the eye location gives the bait a horizontal presentation while swimming or jigging.The New shak-E2 Head gives you two options to rig the bait -either weedless or exposed hook for open water situations. The beauty of it lies in the fulcrum system.No matter how the bait hits the bottom-it will land in the upright position every time. When you drag the bait along the bottom. It will roll foward to the upright position every time(unless you put a huge bait on the back).It has a football head in front to give it stability from rolling on its side. The eye is recessed to deter snags.It comes in sizes from 3/16 to 1/2 oz. The head is so universal it can be used for flipping mats of grass ,skipping docks,pitching laydowns and brush piles. There is no longer a need to use a separate weight and hook. It is all self contained.It truely is one of the most unique and universal heads ever created. Here are some pics-just click on the Shak-E2 line and view the pictures. You can get close up shots by downloading the 300 DPI images. Thanks again for your time. Bobby@MegaStrike PS They retail for $4.95 a pk of 4. http://lineart.redshad.com/

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Looks good Bobby.

Talk to you soon.

JT Bagwell

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JT Daddy ,Where ya been??/ Send me your address.

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