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Jake P

storage boxes

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My tackle box is finally getting full, i cant stop buying lures. Im starting to feel unorganized so i want some storage boxes for each kind of bait instead of having it all crammed into 1 box. Any suggestions on some storage boxes? Also a bag to put all of the boxes in is probably a good idea too, any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated.

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I store most of my tackle in Plano StowAway boxes in size 3700. The smartest thing that I have done is bought several of the thin ones. (Model 3701) I use these for my terminal tackle, hooks, small cranks and other things. By using them along with the regular 3700 I can fit more boxes into my bags, giving me more choices when I'm looking for something that works.

I have a trick to keep my terminal tackle and hooks from getting out of the correct spot on a bumpy ride. I go to WalMart and pick up some Griptex Shelf liner and a bottle of spray adhesive. The liner is less than 5 bucks and it is more than enough for the job. I cut a piece that is just fits inside the lid and then a spray the inside of the lid with the adhesive and glue the liner in place. This will keep even the smallest of things in place on the bumpiest of ride.

Don't put soft plastics into the boxes. This will cause the box lid and the dividers to warp. Keep them in their bags and then put them into a box.

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