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Deep pond help

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Ok, I found a pond near my house. It's about 25' deep at the deepest point, maybe more. The bottom is muddy. And the pond is REALLY clear I was wondering if ya'll had any advise on how to fish it.

I'm thinking.........Carolina rig and DropShot and maybe a heavy spinnerbait.


Ike ;) 8-)

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Try whatever you want.

I would throw senkos, tubes, chigger craws, jerkbaits, deep cranks that will stir up the bottom, or you could slow roll a spinnerbait.  Try topwaters in the morn, evening, and anytime you got some good cloud cover.

Whatever you can think of.  

I would suggest using the lightest line you can because of the clear water.  Unless your fishing around wood, rocks, or lots of weeds, you should be ok.  But even then you just have to pay attention to the conditionof the line and watch for nics.  Retie after every pig, and after every other smaller fish.

I usually go with 10# on the clear ponds around my way.

Be sure to take a camera and snap a few pics of the pigs you catch so you can post them on here.

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I fish a pond like this too.  My best tip is to fish baits that look realistic.  Clear water is good but a bass will detect any flaw in your lure.  Use colors that are natural and realistic lures.

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I just started fishing a pond that sounds a lot like that but I dont know if its quite that deep.  Really the only thing that'll get them during the day is a super realistic jerk bait such as an X-Rap or a drop shot.  I like to drop shot tiny soft jerk baits.  I just got some seally nice realistic soft swim baits made by strike king called Shadolicious.  There super real looking and im deffinetly gonna give them a shot next time they just might produce a hawg or two.

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