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Bagley Lures dropping balsa models?

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I see Gander, BPS and Cabelas putting pretty much all of their Bagley Balsa lures on clearance.  I also spend too much time on ebay, and see that some ebay store owners are saying that the new bagleys are all going to be plastic.  They are also getting rid of their Lee Sisson lines of baits.  Is it just a general move by manufacturers away from wood lures, or is Bagley in trouble?

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For what I 've heard Bagley is kaput financialy.

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Never mind, I think... After a google search, found this:

<couldn't get the link to work, just do your own google search...>

Bagley: no truth to rumor 1/15/2008

There's a rumor out there that Bagley has shut its doors. According to Bagley owner Mike Rogan, it's all a bunch of wind.

"It's untrue absolutely untrue," Rogan said. "Bagley actually is doing better right now than we had been. I won't lie, this is a tough tackle market, but we're building, shipping, and doing the things we need to do to promote Bagley."

Rogan added that the rumor was started by someone on Internet message boats, a person "without credibility," and the rumor quickly spread out of control.

Rogan also said: "I just came out of the biggest distributor tradeshow in the world, in South Carolina for Big Rock Sports, and our sales were actually greater than a year ago in a very tough market. Our shaky-head jigs sold extremely well, and our Baitfish lipless crank, which we brought out a year ago, had a tremendous upsurge. And our plastic-injected Kill'r B suspending model sold very well, as did its sister product a buoyant version in plastic at a very popular price point in the $5 range.

"We're actually looking for a very strong season for Bagley with new products and also our balsa products," Rogan added. "We even had excellent sales in our anniversary bait Jim Bagley's Big B. It hadn't been made in 35 years, but we brought it out last year to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of ICAST. It's a $20 handmade bait, and sales of that product were extremely strong too in traditional bass markets."

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