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Shore fishing in late spring

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I have been fishing a long time but i always did the same things year round and never payed attention to where the bass may be holding as the year goes by. I live in central florida and don't have a clue what water temps are or how to tell when the fish have spawned. It has been in the low 90's for the last 2 weeks or so. I am just looking for some information on what may increase my chances during this time of year down here. I fish 3 lakes/ponds in particular. There is no real structure in these lakes just open shoreline and reeds with some hydrilla along the bottom and shore line. On the biggest lake there is a 20 foot drop about 15 feet put throughout most of it. What would be some things to try given these conditions. Oh, and we are in a serious drought right now. how this effects the fish i don't know. With the drought and no cover will they be in the deepest/ middle of these lakes?

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The bass will more then likely be in deepest part of the lake during the afternoon. I would guess with it being so hot and shallow right now the oxygen levels are low and bass are moving into the shallower water at night to feed. Try and find inlets into the lake if you can because the water coming will have a higher oxygen content. If you have a boat try some night fishing around these inlets but I wouldn't try night fishing in Florida from shore. Way to many thing that bite down there.

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