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Fishin' Joke- Preacher Goes Fishin'

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One Sunday morning a Preacher awoke to a beautiful day.... He liked to fly fish down at the stream for Rainbows and just couldn't resist the temptation!!!!!  

Called the Assoc. pastor said Brother feeling a little under the weather... Don't worry Preacher, I can fill in just fine.....

So he headed off to the stream, fly rod in hand... With his best hand tied fly....

At that same time an Angel was talking to God.... Did you see what he's doing?? He's skipping out today on the whole congregation...

What do you want me to do???  Shut the fishes mouth???  No, said God... You want me to put a hole in his net??? No

About that time the Preacher made a fine cast and right on the edge of the current he had a huge strike!!!!!!!  Line ripped off as he fought the monster trout downstream!!!!!!!

Finally about wore out he landed the fish.. went back to get ready for the Sunday night service grinning ear to ear........

Members of the congregation asked how it was going??????  Oh man did I catch...... what preacher?????  what did you say???????

Man did I catch the biggest.... uhhhhhh.... cold......... achooo.... I feeling better though....... yall take your seats.........

Now the poor preacher was blush red as he knew now he could never tell how he hooked and landed the largest trout in the stream!!!!!!!!! :D :D

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That's nothing, you should hear about the time he went golfing on Sunday...

or when he went duck hunting with his trucker friend. ;D

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