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So you think you can beat the chimp ?

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Hello, my name is Raul and I am a tackle junkie.

After extensive therapy with myself and becoming aware that I really don 't need more ( after 35 years of habit ) I 'm glad to say that I haven 't purchase fishing stuff in the past month, actually, haven 't purchased much stuff during the past six months. Looking at what I have ( enough tackle to last three or four generations ) I quited the habit.

My friend Pedro is an avid fisherman ( tackle junkie like me too ), avid hunter, avid scuba diver, avid hobbyist on anything you can spend a truckload of cash in an eyeblink; I used to hunt but  because Mexico has many laws limiting the ammount and type of guns you can own, besides has a lot of laws regulating transportation of guns and ammo, hunting permits and such that make it difficult for you to go hunting, besides, there 's not much to hunt anymore near home and paying to go to a ranch to hunt is very expensive I ended up selling my guns. A few years ago my friend Pedro got the bow hunting bug and began practicing it.

Last month he asked me if I wanted to join him to a target practice at the local club, had nothing better to do ( aside from mowing the lawn ) so I came along with him. The personel at the club had designed a course and placed 3D animal targets for you to shoot at as we walked through the course and my friend Pedro shot at them with the bow and arrow I began to think: " man, this is really interesting ! ", I began to question Pedro about how the practice takes place, what are the rules and so on, as he replied to my questions I though that it not only was intersting but also challenging, to my eyes, more challenging than shooting with a firearm ( I 'm a pretty good shot even though I 'm  short sighted and have to wear prescription glasses all the time ), the practice course was not easy, the targets were placed along the course at different distances and sometimes the vegetation and contour of the terrain made it very difficult to aim, to shoot or to bullseye at the kill zone in the target, challenging ( did I mention I 'm a sucker for anything that has "challenging" written on it ? ). Pedro lent me his bow and I did take a few shots to the easier targets so........... I 'll be danged, now I 'm hooked !!!!!  :o

Been hearing voices since that day  :-/ and the voices get louder by the minute, now I phone Pedro every other day and ask him when is going to have a practice to come along with him. So far it 's been twice more and I 'm eagerly waiting for his next practice session.

I visualize an archery setup in my very near future.  ::)

Not that I 'm going to go bow hunting, all I want is to go and practice archery safari style.  ;)

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3D archery is a great time to spend with friends.  I got bit by that bug a few years back myself.  Had to have the Mathew's bow and all the goodies that come with it.  If it's not tackle it would be something else.  I'm sticking to tackle. ;) ;D

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I have wanted a quality Nikon digital camera for awhile now.  I love going out in the mtns. and taking wildlife photos.........

Wife says sure as soon as you sell all your hunting and fishing gear.....

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm NOT!!!!!  I want the camera and equipment along with the hunting and fishing gear.... may have to get a 2nd or 3rd job. lmao.

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At first you had me worried Raul!  I thought you were gonna say you had sold all your fishing tackle.  I, too was bitten by the archery bug back in college.  Fortunately it only lasted a few years.  

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