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Google Maps

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For those who haven't seen this feature yet.

Go to the GOOGLE Website:

Then click on the "Map" icon, (top left corner of website).

This should give you a map of the US.

Then click on "Street view".

A camera Icon will show up over the cities that have the street view feature.

Zoom in to where you want to look, all street view features will be in blue.


Or you could also try typing in your full address on google maps, then after it zooms in, click on street view.

Pretty amazing and scary. I could see some good and bad benefits. If you where looking to buy a house, you could check out a neighborhood without leaving the computor. I imagine police could use it to scope out houses for the layout before a raid.

Either way I was shocked with the detail and surprised that my house was even on it, considering I live in a small town in Idaho.

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The pictures posted are old, just like Google Earth.  They aren't current and are not used by police for raids.  

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Correct, the photo of my house is from last fall, but not much has changed. I didn't add on the indoor pool or triple car garage yet, but still surprising that there is a google car driving down streets taking photos every 50 feet or so.

And I did say "I imagine police could use it....". ;)

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