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Our injured fighting men.

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I was listening to the radio today on the way home, and this woman was talking about Ward 57 at Walter Reed Hospital.  For those of you that do not know.  Ward 57 is where the most seriously injured soldiers end up for many months even years for rehab.  Some of them have lost limbs, other body parts, even most of their face.

They had no way to ease the boredom and tension from the day to day trials of trying to live and survive, after sacrificing themselves for our freedom.

This woman started Operation Ward 57.  To gather donations to help these soldiers out with things we take for granted, a TV in the main rec room of the ward.  Videos, video games, etc....  These are young men, and used to having things to do at all times.

They have football jersys that you can buy, with funds going to help these heroes.  Or you can just make a donation.

We support these troops as they march off to war, or as they come back with all the guys and gals they served with, but it seems the seriously injured ones are "forgotten".  They need to know we still support them and appreciate them for all of the sacrifices they have made, so we can be free to buy $300 rods and $200 reels, and go fishing when and where we want.

This weekend is the celebration of our freedom...  That would not be happening except for our veterans, fighting men and women, who keep a dangerous vigil while we all sleep comfortably in our homes, and plan cookouts and fishing trips.

Just visit the website, and do what you can to help out.  I already did.




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Not to hijack the thread but as an active duty military member in the area, I've spent some time at Walter Reed.  The injured men and women are all too often forgotten.  Walking the halls will humble anybody very fast.  It's alarming and depressing to see the number of soldiers that will never live a normal life because they were willing to sacrifice for our freedom.  I just wanted to say thanks to those at Walter Reed, those here that serve (Brian_Reeves, SFC AL and others) that have and are making the sacrifice.  


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The return home is when they REALLY need our support.  I'd like to look into this, get further involved,....this is a good one.  Thanks for the awareness FB.

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My American Legion Post hosts bingo night at our local Richmond VA Hospital and it is a rewarding experience.

I have trouble attending as it brings back some memories of the past that I have forgotten; but the other guys have a great time and the soldiers are a lot of fun.

If you do go to a VA hospital, be prepared to see some things that you have no idea exist.

It is a rewarding experience and I encourage everyone to go at least one time.

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