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Hey Fellas: I was trying to find the cheapest way to quailty stuff for myslef, and a couple of the guys we set up this year wanted to learn baitcasting. I gave away 2 of my Trions and sold the last one and switched over to a few used BPS Extremes I had bought for myself and had them stockpiled I HAVE SINCE REALIZED I AM JUST A FLOOGER MOOK!

Now I keep all the tackle donated and a lot of stuff i collect from the flea market to one side and I have 68 bucks for next year in a seperate shoe box. Sometimes people donate stuff that is great , but can not be used so I get in touch with them and get permission to sell or trade it.

One of the fellas liked Bait Casting so much he dove head first but he needed a LH retrieve and I had a guy willing to trade a Diawa Rojo for a Trion for him BURLEY gave nme back a reel that I gave him to make the trade, which is in progress now

Sharkbite , in the spirit of moving ift forward got me a Trion 5.3:1 CR LP reel and I needed another FOR ME

I made this clear , that it was not part of my giveaway program and i was shopping around looking for A LP TRION for my own use, figuring it would take a while and a few posts to locate one

FLIPPIN4IT: PM"D me and said he had one, I asked him HOW MUCH HE SAID:

Don't make a big deal out of this, I see what goes on around your giveaway so THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!

I recieved it today AND IT NEEDS A BIG DEAL MADE ABOUT IT!!!

Thanks for becoming a MOVING IT FORWARD MOOK!


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