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Is Tubby Gone?

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Heard rumors yesterday (I had to work so no internet) that Tubby is gone from Auburn.

Anyone heard those rumors?

Lester Miles at LSU is considering new assistant coaches and he promises LSU will play better in their bowl game.

Hey, when you are on the bottom the only way you can go is up.

I still vote to play Arkansas State in the Indy Bowl but it looks like the Cotton is still interested in the Fighting Tigers due to the large following and fan/alumni support in Dallas.

The Cow Bowl is considering LSU to play Georgia Tech and so far the Cow Bowl is the place for the Fighting Tigers.

Anyone got any news on Tubby please let me know.

Thanks  :)

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That was a big topic on "Mike & Mike in the morning" on ESPN2 today.

Give him a contract extension, and then fire him.


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Some say he was fired, others say he resigned. Interesting situation...I'm eager to see the coaching musical chairs begin between the college and pro ranks. There are lots of opportunities out there.

Hopefully, LSU will find an assistant a little more defensively minded.

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Having Tubby at State, Satan at Obamma and Nutt at Ole miss be fantastic! Now to find a place for Phat Phil Phulmer.

I would think State would like Tommy Bowden although Tubby knows recriting in the SEC so he would probably be better than Bowden. ;D

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Official word is that Tubby resigned and that the athletic director wanted him to stay. Seems strange that he will still get to collect a 5.1 million buyout if he resigned! Lot of new faces in the SEC next year. Should be interesting.

Tubby is probably gonna be duck hunting with a fat check in his pocket!! He certainly didn't seem to be interested in coaching this year.

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rumor here is that tubby's going to mississippi state.  

I certainly have no knowledge. But he did technically resign and I wonder if he had a non-compete clause which would disallow him from coaching in the SEC for a year or two.

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From my friend, Beau, in New Orleans:

Here are the potential candidates to replace Sylvester Croom at Mississippi State.

I spoke to a friend who lives in Jacksonville who is a MSU alumnus and is part of the coaches search committee.  

He says that MSU does not have big bucks to buy out any coach presently under contract nor anyone who is an established big name coach.

They appear to be limited to mid major coaches or proven seasoned coordinators.  His choice of the lot is Charlie Strong who is not on the popular list below.

Former Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden

Louisiana Tech head coach Derek Dooley

Buffalo head coach Turner Gill

East Carolina head coach Skip Holtz

South Carolina defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson

Tulsa offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn

Boise State head coach Chris Petersen

Former Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville

Oklahoma defensive coordinator Brent Venables

The Auburn board has almost 1,500 fans at this hour in full panic mode speculating about a replacement coach and the pending decommitments from the following previous commits: Chitty, Coleman, Conner, Robinson, etc.

The names of Bill Cowher and Turner Gill have surfaced but there are so many crazy rumors and unrealistic wishes that this is not deemed reliable.

There was a press conference which produced nothing and  last night.

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your right about the big bucks...they were only paying croom right at $1,000,000 a year...(how often do you get to say "only" and "$1,000,000" in the same sentence).

normally, bowden would be my pick...that said, ole miss just ante'd up $2,000,000 for a nutt.

and, sumphin's gotta give.

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