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From the Mud Vault; In Brooklyn, around 1962 , PRE DR> PHIL DAYS

Parental Controls; another thread made me stop and remember how my father handled such issues. I miss him everyday and the lessons he taught us were indelibly imprinted on our brains!

We lived up stairs from our Family Butcher shop, every day at 6pm the phone had to be clear so he could call up stairs to see what mom wanted to cook for the next day. Of course my teenage sister was always on the phone at 6pm

In all fairness to her, you fellas need to know 2 things

1. We ate almost the same thing on everyday of the various weeks.  Ex. Monday: Chicken of some type Wed and Sun Macaroni  etc.  etc

2. All he had to do was go in back to the stairwell leading upstairs and she could have told him anyway.

So the rule is the phone has to be cleared at 6pm. my sister continued to be on the phone then,. One day at 6:05 the old man comes up from the store, tells my sister to get off the phone and she complies.

Now comes Parental Control Italian Style; The old man rips the phone cord out of the wall, says not a thing and takes the phone down stairs to the shop.

The next month the telephone guy comes and re installs the phone, and he never said boo about it. MY SISTER WAS NEVER ON THE PHONE AT 6PM AGAIN!

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AAHH the good ole' days

That's when a parent could beat a kid down in the middle of JC Penneys for back talkin' and people would actually applaud the act..

Well.... not that it happened to me....I'm just saying Dear ole' DAD taught us alot about respect :D

And we turned out alright.

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