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player tricks ref into really bad call

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Kool.  :)

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This post is coming from a certified soccer referee..... That is pathetic. Unfortunatly that guy would only get a yellow card for that offense if he was caught. His reaction to the yellow card might have gotten him the 2nd yellow though :) One of the linesmen easily should have seen that and corrected the center ref.

It just amazes me at what some of these players do to try and draw a penalty. I once had a kid that was dropping to the ground every time someone would get within arms length of him. Needless to say he and his coach weren't happy when I booked him for diving. The sad part about this was that this was in a U13 game.

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Did you catch Bosh in the Heat vs. Bulls game? Same deal there. ;D

Yeah i saw that! Ridiculous. Then the announcers go on to say how he did get hit hard...hard enough to jar his head back.

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wow. they should ban him from league play for cheating. for some reason i doubt that will happen...

I can't see the video because I'm at work, but I think banning him is a little much if you're serious. People do illegal plays of varying degrees all the time in every sport. Sometimes they get caught, sometimes they don't. Sports would cease to exist if everyone who broke a rule got banned. It's not like he intentionally injured anyone (except maybe himself  ;D)

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