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A story by me

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It was the magnificent month of May; the dogwood trees were blooming beautifully with bright, vibrant blossoms. The birds were chirping and the bass were spawning in the vast lakes of California. People were packing the shorelines of the many lakes.  However no one had the level of determination as one of the many young, ambitious boys on the lake whose name was John Basser. John was an ambitious 14 year old whose only dream was to catch a record breaking bass. John was just like any other teenage boy, and was very tall and muscular, but was one of the nicest boys.  John had been busily scouring the shores of the lake for hours on his very own two feet. The lakes name, Lake Talon. Lake Talon was one of the multiple hidden jewels in California and embraced some of the most heavyweight bass in the state of California. John had observed many of his older fishing peers catch these massive fish, but he had never caught one.

John was enamored to fish for those big, corpulent, glowing green bass while they were on their beds spawning because they were pretty easy to catch, but John had been eternally plagued by the male bass, which were rather unpretentious than the ponderous female bass he was  targeting when they were voluptuous and filled to maximum capacity with eggs.

The sun sizzled in the blue sky on a sweltering Friday afternoon and John had just gotten out of school. John had bolted home, picked up his fishing rods and tackle box and bustled to Lake Talon in pursuit of hulking, glowing bass on nests and in anticipation of bringing  in a capacious, wriggling bass in. When John arrived at the lake he discerned the bank for nests and pinpointed a colossal, very grandiose bass on a bed on a large shallow flat in crystal clear water and knew this bass could possibly be one to break the world

Record. He precariously lurked up on the nest and ensconced in a bush behind the nest with his fishing rod and was on his hands and knees in the bush and peered through the bush at the bass on the bed, the bass was just perched there indolently with an unpretentious male whirling around the mammoth sized watermelon green female  bass. John adjudicated to pitch his diminutive, lustrous lure into the nest and let flutter and it settled on the nest for a few minutes and then started to make it quiver steadily and glided it slightly a few minutes and immediately the big watermelon rind colored female soared over making a huge wake.   The bass contemplated the shiny metal lure for a few seconds then picked up the lure gently and scrupulously placed the lure outside the nest.  John gave the lure a violent jerk back into the center of the nest and the female aggressively plunged over to the lure, picked it up, dropped it softly, and right when John started to make the lure shudder and pulsate, she engulfed it completely with no hesitation and put up a tenacious run.  Stripping John's drag on his reel until it was zinging,    the bass tried zipping off into deeper water, but John solicitously redirected her around and heaved as hard as he possibly could to bring this fish in. John battled this bass for a prolonged period of time and finally landed it but before that the bass began to wallow on the surface and shot up with a spectacular tail walk but eventually became too exhilarated to fight. The bass was very gargantuan with a belly as big as a football, and was gorged with eggs and had a small stripe like marking under its neck. John abruptly hurried back to the boat ramp knowing that it would be imprudent not to put the bass in a bucket of water and ran over with a grin that stretched across his face and his eyes were as big as baseballs  and tried  speaking  to one of the DNR officers, but was breathing too heavily through his mouth to speak, but finally got his words back  and showed him the fish. The DNR officer ended up calling the DNR headquarters and they told him to weigh the bass on one of their certified scales and to call them back. That is a nice bass and I wouldn't be surprised if it challenged the current world record the officer said to John. Once the officer found the certified scale, they placed the bass on the scale and John was very disarming, and hoping that it would indeed break the world record that many anglers like him craved, and once the flow of numbers stopped on the scale it flashed 24.8 pounds and to be sure the DNR officer reiterated the number several times and john did as well, knowing that the world record was 22 pounds, 4 ounces John was thrilled to know that the bass could potentially be the new world record. Son, if this is indeed the new world record largemouth bass, It will take a lot of  rigorous work to get this bass certified in the record books and officially declared the World record the officer said to John. John soon realized the fame, money, and endorsements that would come with this big bass he had caught. Sooner than later, as John expected people started crowding around this mammoth sized bass and started flooding John with questions such as asking what he was planning on doing with the bass and how he caught it and what he caught it on. While waiting for the DNR truck to show up people started to snap photographs of John holding up the big bass and the DNR officer also snapped a photo of John holding the big bass to send into the agency.  The local newspaper showed up and started to pound John even harder with questions about his big bass and told John that this story would be the headline story in tomorrow's newspaper. Once the Department of Natural resources truck arrived to put the bass in a large 100 gallon Aerated tank in the bed of their truck  with all the proper amenities to keep the bass alive to be taken to be observed and weighed one more time to verify the weight of the bass. John would feel very scrupulous and deplorable if the bass died on the way to the laboratory.  But John was confident the bass was in good hands. John road to the headquarters with the officers and was told what would be done with the bass. John waited anxiously as the bass was weighed again and being observed by the DNR's chief biologist. When John was called into the room the chief biologist said, John, may I ask what you caught this magnificent bass on? Sure said John, I caught it on a small silver spoon  Well John, that is one nice bass and the scales read exactly as they did at the boat ramp, so you have officially broken the current world record, Congratulations!  This opiated John because he had finally reached his goal that seemed like it took forever to reach,  but he  finally had caught the world record bass. The next day the news of John's big bass started spreading  quickly and John woke up to be greeted with hundreds of phone calls on his answering machine from people all over the world asking and congratulating him on his magnificent catch. The next day John went to see his big bass in a large tank at the DNR lab and when he arrived there he was told that it would be taken to a large aquarium open to the public in a sporting goods store in Manteca, California which was a 3 hour drive from John's house, but his parents were more than happy to take him too see it and talk to the crowds of people about it and how he caught it. The next morning him and his parents started on their long trek to Manteca and finally got there after 3 hours of driving and when John walked into the store the crowd of shoppers immediately recognized him from the pictures of him that were in the newspapers and started gathering around him as soon as he walked into the door. As soon as john walked up to the large tank he immediately recognized his bass. The bass was swimming around with the rest of the fish; the people that had greeted John at the door when he walked in followed him to the large tank and stared in awe at the big bass swimming in the tank. John started to explain to the crowd how he caught the bass and started talking about the fight the bass put up. After talking to the crowd people flooded John asking for autographs and pictures of him in front of the tank. The next day a issue of Bass'n kid arrived in john's mail and when John picked it up he noticed it had a picture of him holding his big bass on the cover with his name below it and read the story inside. The next day John went to Lake Talon and when he got their other anglers and people started following him around the lake asking him questions and throwing their lures where ever he did and he patiently answered all of their questions, one by one. At the end of the day John was exhausted from being chased around the lake with people who wanted to watch him fish. The next day John received a call from one of his favorite fishing television hosts, Mark Pack, inviting him to come on the show to fish with him on Lake Talon for one of his shows that would be aired a few weeks after the trip, and John immediately accepted the invitation. Three weeks later John met the T.V. station at Lake Talon and took the T.V. host to where he hooked and landed the World record bass and retold the story of him catching it. John and Mark started fishing and mark immediately caught a small bass close to where john landed the world record bass and before releasing the bass Mark faced the camera and gave the bass a big kiss. Throughout the day Mark and John caught many bass, including a 10 pound largemouth bass that Mark caught with John's help. After a long day of fishing the T.V. crew packed up the cameras and left Lake Talon. A few weeks later John and his family watched the show on the bass channel and after the show aired. Later that day John received a call from Met bait Lure Company; which was the company that made the lure John used to catch the world record bass, they asked him if he would be interested in promoting their lures and in return he could get free lures for life.

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