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Fed Ex is absolutely terrible!

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So I ordered a Humminbird 798ci HD SI combo last weekend and it was supposed to be delivered yesterday. It never showed up so I checked the tracking and it said a delivery attempt was made and that I wasn't home. I was actually outside in the yard when the attempt was supposedly made so he never even drove down my street. Also no door tag on the door saying an attempt was made. I double checked just to give them the benefit of the doubt but nothing. I brushed it off and made sure today that I was home all day to receive the package so I could install it and take it out this weekend. At about 3:30 a Penske truck pulls into the driveway and honks his horn twice. At the time I didn't know that Fed Ex now contracts people out and that some drive Penske trucks or I would have gone outside. The driver never got out of the truck then pulled out of my driveway and left. I checked my tracking status and it says that a second delivery attempt was made, once again no door tag. After talking with customer service they informed me that some do drive Penske trucks and are contracted out but they could not deliver it again today even though there incompetent driver never came to my door, and I also could not come pick it up tonight. He said a third attempt would be made and that if I didn't get it then I'd have to come pick it up. I said what makes you sure he won't do the same thing he's done the last 2 days and he just kept saying sorry and that it would be delivered tomorrow. Then he says for me to put a note on my door saying it could be left at the door. I almost lost it and asked him what good will that do if he hasn't even came to the door the last 2 days! He just said sorry it will be delivered tomorrow. So basically the guy on the phone could care less which I'm sure they deal with a bunch of those calls every day but still it's his job to come up with a resolution. If he had just told me he would get in contact with the driver or the drivers manager to make sure this doesn't happen again I would have been okay with that but he wouldn't. Still not satisfied with the outcome I do some digging on the internet and find the corporate number for fed ex(most fed ex numbers take you back to the same crappy support people) and speak with a nice lady who apologized and took my number down. She then called me back and said she spoke with his manager and the package will be delivered for sure on Saturday. We'll see how it goes. Has anyone else had to deal with this crap for a FedEx delivery? You don't mess with a man's fishing stuff like this! lol

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Hi there,

While I certainly can understand your frustration, we do have a policy about "venting" and/or posting disputes with other companies on these forums.  Please read the FAQ's for further clarification.

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